• Montgomery PS
Strategic Plan

 Montgomery Public Schools are
Focused on Student Success.

Our Mission: We will engage, educate and inspire our students to succeed in college, career and beyond.

Our Vision: MPS is a place where every student develops a love of learning, cultivates intellectual curiosity, and dreams of a future full of amazing possibilities.

To fulfill our mission we have a plan...

The 2013-2018 MPS Strategic Plan is focused on helping students fulfill their potential. We EXPECT ALL STUDENTS to achieve in school and in their chosen path following graduation.

The plan has four main goals ...

To ensure every student is college- and career-ready upon graduation, we will

    • Implement structured curriculum and resources to be used as the foundation upon which teachers can build their classroom plans.
  • Develop and deliver standards-based curricula in all schools for all students.
  • Create a monthly data review session in all schools during which teachers and school administrators engage in a process of comparing and aligning classroom assessments with standards-based assessments and discuss needed actions to ensure that instruction is data-driven.
  • Establish recognition programs to highlight achievement at the student, teacher and school levels.
  • Develop, implement and professionally staff a vertically aligned college and career preparation/counseling program.
  • Ensure that all secondary students have a college and career advisor with regularly established meeting times and established curriculum.
  • Ensure effective alternative school programs for students with behavioral issues and students who are over-age.
  • Ensure career and technical education programs meet business and industry requirements for high-skilled, high-waged careers and higher education.

To ensure every education professional is well prepared, resource-supported and effective, we will

  • Review and revise hiring practices to ensure qualified persons are selected to fill vacancies.
  • Continue to implement all aspects of the state-mandated certificated personnel evaluation systems.
  • Implement a data warehousing system to ensure accuracy and integrity of multiple data sources and accountability resulting in systemic utilization of data to guide instructional support.
  • Develop and implement system- and site-based professional development activities that will be implemented and delivered based upon identified and prioritized district and school needs.
  • Establish systemic and systematic processes and components that promote the absolutes of standards-based instruction and appropriate academic and behavior interventions relevant to the needs of all students.
  • Develop a comprehensive leadership development program for district-level leaders and aspiring leaders within the system.
  • Develop and revitalize Central Office processes and structures to provide support to departments, school sites and site-based personnel based on determined needs.
  • Develop system-level support and community incentives for individuals seeking to apply for National Board Certification.

To ensure, every student has access to support systems that maximize opportunities for academic and life success, we will

  • Evaluate programs, initiatives and systems that encourage high student performance and reduce the number of students who drop out or otherwise fail to graduate.
  • Evaluate programs designed to improve student behavior through clear communication of expectations, recognition of positive behavior and remediation of negative behavior.
  • Work with the community to identify resources and increase student access to social, mental health and counseling services.
  • Create and implement an initiative to connect every student with a caring, engaged adult advocate in the student's school who supports that student's educational experience.
  • Develop and implement clear guidelines regarding the actions that should be taken in response to various types and severities of problem behaviors and communicate those guidelines to all teachers and instructional leaders.

To ensure every school engages parents and community partners in support of student success, we will

  • Develop and provide training regarding protocols and best practices for dynamic district and school engagement with parents and public.
  • Identify, engage and connect schools with organizations and businesses that have strengths and expertise in areas that could strengthen Montgomery Public Schools academically and in overall school operations.
  • Assess and restructure communication practices and strategies, building capacity and refining delivery methods to enhance the credibility and overall image of the Montgomery Public School System.
  • Develop and implement a communication plan that emphasizes transparency and ensures all stakeholders are informed of the status, needs, successes and opportunities within the Montgomery Public School System and identifies ways stakeholders can be involved.
  • Redesign the Parent Liaison position to focus on positive parent engagement to increase student achievement.
  • Create and implement programs and initiatives designed to enhance parents' awareness of expectations, academic and behavioral standards and their child's progress in comparison to the school system's and schools' expectations and engage those parents in the learning process.
  • Develop, implement and communicate an operational plan to ensure all facilities are safe and well maintained.
  • Develop and implement a funding resource plan with strategies for creating reliable funding streams through local and state funding, acquisition of grants, financial contributions and in-kind resources, etc.
  • Expand parental engagement and commitment.