Lee v. Macon

Alabama has worked diligently to address disproportionality since 2000 in the area of special education

through the initiatives of Lee v. Macon Consent Decree. This Consent Decree requires all special

education programs to address the over representation of African-American students identified as having

mental retardation (MR) and emotional disturbance (ED) and the underrepresentation of

African-American students identified as having a specific learning disability (SLD) and giftedness (GT).

Alabama made significant progress in reducing the disparities and, in December 2006, was granted

unitary status with the provision that the state would continue to provide training to teachers,

administrators, and evaluators with regard to disproportionality. (ALSDE, 2011)

As a result of the Lee v Macon Consent Decree, teachers new to Alabama school districts are required

to complete the following training requirements:

· Addressing Disproportionality,

· Make Sense Strategies, and

· Positive Behavior Support

MPS has made provisions for the disproportionality training utilizing a PowerPoint presentation that can

be accessed at the link below:


Schools are asked to maintain documentation of each new teacher's completion of the mandatory